What is INSITUH?


INSITUH is a small contribution from a Petroleum Engineer working in the Oil and Gas industry since 1998.

Experience gained in the production area, optimizing wells, increasing fields' production, dealing with field development plans helped me to start building my own calculation tools to increase my work productivity and minimize repetitive activities.


INSITUH has the sole objective of optimizing your work, increasing your productivity by using tools created with Microsoft Office Excel. Spreadsheets built to tackle those frequent tasks you face in your daily activity, aiming at increasing your performance and achieving your objectives in less time.


Applying some industry's recognized approaches, calculations and techniques presented in simple Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets which will empower your work and easy your decision-making process.


Easy-to-use tools with simplistic approaches using your a widely-available Microsoft Office applications.


Optimize your time at work and improve the way you evaluate, visualize and calculate oilfield data is our goal.

Do not hesitate to provide feedback, ideas, suggestions. Your comments will be heard.


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